As we enter the new year, we are excited about the prospect of three new housing projects planned for Greeley – two of them designed to serve the needs of lower-income households and one that contemplates a reimagining and rebranding of an existing property. All three of these projects are located on important infill sites, with anticipated groundbreakings this year!

Immaculate Plaza

Immaculate Plaza II
Location: NEC 10th Avenue/6th Street
Target Market: 30% AMI for Seniors
Total Number of Units: 54
Owner/Developer: Archdiocese of Denver

Copper Platte

Copper Platte
Location: SWC 17th Avenue/Hwy 34
Target Market: 60% AMI for Families
Total Number of Units: 224
Owner/Developer: Inland Group

Bonell Campus

Bonell Campus Reimagined
Location: SEC 8th Avenue/22nd Street
Target Market: “Missing Middle” Workforce
Total Number of Units: 350
Owner/Developer: Warm Springs Holdings