In September, Greeley’s economic development leadership attended the Site Selectors Conference, an annual event in which the Metro Denver EDC brings prominent economic development leaders to the area to both scope out its attributes and offer assessments of its strengths and weaknesses. During the event, a new regional brand was launched to share the way this place elevates our community, our careers and one another: The Elevation Effect.

The Elevation Effect communicates the spirit of doing business and living life to the fullest here in Colorado. It provides a strategic vision brand to both rally the metro Denver community at a time when common ground and partnership are needed to support our economy and workforce needs. And for marketers, the initiative offers a set of shared data, messages and materials as we collectively work to promote our region to businesses and talent. Further, because much of the work that economic developers do is retention-based, it reminds local business and talent what makes this region different than others they might choose.

For businesses, The Elevation Effect is about tapping into metro Denver’s culture of collaboration, creativity and reinvention. Here we foster trust, embrace competition and find ways to elevate our lives, our careers and one another.

For individuals seeking new opportunities and new frontiers, The Elevation Effect means being welcomed by a diverse and dynamic culture. It means finding inspiration – in the landscape and in the people – to dream bigger and rise higher at work and at play.

This isn’t a brand for the Metro Denver EDC or the Denver Metro Chamber. It’s a brand created for the entire region, as together we build something that’s bigger than business – a brighter future for our region.

Learn more about The Elevation Effect and more information on the brand, it’s shared messaging and materials and learn how you can get involved.

The Elevation Effect brand won’t replace any brand put up by Metro Denver EDC other economic development organizations, and it won’t be required of any group to use. But the EDC hopes they can work with others throughout the region to integrate it into their marketing and to serve as a unified regional response when companies ask them what it is that makes Colorado such a good place to work and live.