Greeley is maturing as a favorable location for professional services companies spanning from corporate management offices to employment placement agencies to legal offices. Professional Services is a large, diverse and growing sector in Greeley with a workforce of over 5,500 and wages in the mid $60,000s, well above the Weld County average.


The Greeley Advantage

  • Sector Growth: 641 companies or 65% growth in 10 years to 1,622 total in 2021;
  • Employment Growth:
    • 2.2% annually in the city over the past 10 years compared to 1.4% on average nationally;
    • The industry accounts for 11.1% of the total employment in Greeley compared to 15.8% in the rest of the U.S.; suggesting ample scope for continued future growth;
  • Top Employers: State Farm, Teletech Services, and AppleOne Employment;
  • 2030 Projections: An additional $119.3 million in wages annually.


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