When the first settlers arrived in Greeley back in 1870, the top priorities were irrigation, agriculture and education. Today, education is a large industry in Greeley with steady prospects for growth from the primary to collegiate levels. Greeley is home to a diverse education sector with a 24% higher industry concentration than the national average.


The Greeley Advantage

  • Sector Growth: An increase of 59 companies or 49% growth in ten years, totaling 180 establishments in 2021;
  • Employment Growth:
    • 6,272 education sector employees make up 12.6% of the total employment in Greeley;
    • Religious schools represent the fastest-growing occupation group with an increase of 11.2% in Greeley and 4.4% in the county. Elementary and secondary schools increased 0.6% and 1.2% respectively. Colleges, universities, and professional schools remain steady;
  • Top Employers: Greeley-Evans School District 6, University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College;
  • 2030 Projections: An additional 1,181 jobs and $49.3 million in wage revenue annually.


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