Ideally located along the front range of the northern Colorado Rockies, Greeley is a flourishing community, with its western edge just 5 miles from I-25. The positive business climate and welcoming culture have become a draw for new residents, visitors, and businesses looking to succeed. Greeley has something for everyone with rich cultural diversity, a variety of housing options, low tax rates, excellent educational opportunities, and a high-quality workforce. Being a vibrant community means steady growth, great schools and neighborhoods, and an array of shopping and dining choices. The local lifestyle offers plenty of opportunities to make friends and enjoy leisure time.

Targeted Industry Strategy

Our labor pool is strong, with nearly 50,000 jobs, representing over 20 different industries. Our plan for targeted job growth leverages the strength and stability of our legacy industries with a healthy blend of higher-wage and higher-skill jobs forecasted to grow here during the next decade. This strategy will create more household wealth, improve the quality of life for our residents and businesses, and help to close the housing affordability gap.


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