The former Hewlett-Packard building, located within the City Center West development (10th Street and 71st Avenue), is undergoing demolition as part of the last phase of new development on the site. Demolition of the 228,109-square-foot building on approximately 20-acres will pave the way for a sale of two acres to West Ridge Academy for an athletic field and additional parking for staff. The remainder will go to a housing developer.

Below is a historic timeline of the HP site:

  • 1980’s – Facility built, was home to HP’s printer division, as part of Northern Colorado growth strategy.
  • 1990’s – Campus reached 800 employees at apex.
  • 2000’s – HP shut down and was completely vacant by 2003. The community had high hopes for the site after HP’s closure, but was unable to attract new industrial users to occupy the large, outdated space. Became cost-prohibitive to redevelop.
  • 2010’s – Retail development along 10th Street frontage (including restaurants, tire shop, carwash, bank, dental offices), self-storage and long term care facility on 71st frontage, portion of building sold to charter school, new residential developments, including apartments, townhomes and single family homes.
  • 2020’s – Residential development continues, remaining property, consisting of 228,109-square-foot building on approx. 20-acres, purchased by investors, who are demolishing the remaining unused buildings to pave the way for a sale of 2 acres to the school for athletic field and additional parking for staff and sell the remainder to a housing developer, who will likely rezone from industrial to RH, or residential high intensity.