2021 Business Retention & Expansion visits are underway!

As our office continues to build relationships with Greeley’s primary employers within our target industry sectors, we learn vital information regarding industry trends and ways we can support the growth of individual businesses. During the months of August and September, we visited nearly 40 Greeley businesses either in-person, through Zoom or over the phone to discover what is going well for business, what could be going better, areas of opportunity for growth as well as what else we at the city can be doing to make Greeley the best place possible to do business.

We have learned a great deal so far and will continue the process of building relationships with our primary employers to gather these valuable insights. Ultimately, our findings will aid us in developing primary industry growth strategies to help fuel Greeley’s economy in the years ahead. Here are a few data points from our visits that stand out so far:

  • 62% of businesses surveyed are having a difficult time hiring or retaining workforce
  • 41% have increased their workforce year over year
  • 69% of businesses across all industries are experiencing supply chain challenges
  • 34% Plan to expand their business in the next few years