Allo Fiber logo

Photo of Allo Fiber crew and vehicles on street

Allo Communications is making progress on its fiber network rollout in Greeley, as evidenced by the number of Allo trucks, vans, and staff in our neighborhoods.

Several areas of town are now eligible for fiber internet, television, and phone service, with many more in the construction and design phases. Adding Allo as a third internet communications option for customers will be an economic benefit to Greeley businesses and residents by increasing competition and lowering prices.

Additionally, access to high-speed internet is vital for any community that wants to stay competitive in today’s environment, especially with the advent of teleworking and hybrid work situations being the new normal.

Allo has opened a sales office in downtown Greeley at 808 9th Street, and they plan to open a second location on the west side of town in the near future.

Illustration map of Allo Fiber installation phases