55 Resort logo

Illustration of 55 Resort building

Edison Equity’s 55 Resort continues to make progress on its $24M downtown Greeley project.

Originally,  the location was home to Garnsey & Wheeler Ford which opened in downtown Greeley in December 1922. The bricks and signage on the north and west faces of the original building were carefully removed and stored in a warehouse during the construction of the new building.

Photo of old Ford business fascade being reinstalled at 55 Resort

Each brick was meticulously placed back onto the original façade, along with the original Ford car dealership sign. This attention to detail will not be lost on the project’s future residents, in retaining a unique character and sense of place associated with the history of that site in Greeley.

The project is slated to open around the end of November 2022 and will also feature a new Austin’s American Grill restaurant.