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The High Plains Library District (HPLD) continues to make significant progress on the new Library and Innovation Center (LINC) at 501 8th Avenue in downtown Greeley. HPLD began construction at the former Greeley Tribune site last year with plans to open LINC in the early part of 2023. LINC will provide resources, space, and equipment for people to develop new skills that can lead to a career path or encourage a new hobby. It is a space to innovate, create, gather, and learn.

Project Details

  • $31M (acquisition and redevelopment costs)
  • 48,000 square feet expanded to 64,000 square feet
  • Includes library, children’s exhibit, event space, genealogy, board room, woodshop 3-D printers, soundproof music/video studio, and interactive installations

Library LINC construction photo

Library LINC construction and tour photo

Library LINC corner mural